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How to Create Your Own App for Free?

Since smartphone applications have picked up a create hype, many people nowadays show their interest in creating the perfect application that is launched successfully on the smartphone’s app store. However, most of the times, it has been observed that the app development cost a lot for the developers. Also, many organizations that do not have their in-house developers have to hire professional developers to help them launch a perfect app.

People who wish to launch the app on their own and want to create it for free often feel like it is an impossible task. Whereas, in reality creating the application for free is not that difficult. There are also many online tools and platforms available that serves the best to help people to create an amazing application without costing much.

How to Create a Free App?

Programmers who have the enthusiasm to create the applications often feel demotivated towards taking the step to create the application as the cost of development might sometimes be out of their budget. However, the world does not stop and such people should not be ready to give up their dreams and must look forward to the more convenient methods to create a perfect mobile application.

Where some platforms are expensive to purchase, there are some platforms that do not cost you any money to create an application. You can get hold of these podiums and start working on the app. There is a number of such platforms. Some of the renowned platforms may include,

  • Buildfire
  • PhoneGap
  • Apache Cordova
  • Iconic Framework
  • Nativescript
  • Flutter
  • Framework7
  • Jasonette

You can get any of these platforms without spending a lot of money on it and begin with your dream to create a perfect mobile application.

Easy Steps to Create an App

Whether you use the online platforms or any other tool like Microsoft Visual Studio to create the application, you must be aware of the following steps to make sure your application turns out to be a great one.

  • 1. Define the Objectives for Your App

It is imperative that before you actually start to develop your mobile application, you get all the objectives out on the paper with clarity as it will act as a roadmap for you in the development phase. You have to plan the purpose of creating the application, and what difference you have to offer.

  • 2. Research for the Competitors for Your App

It is also important that you do a little market research and finds out about the competitors of the product you want to launch. It will help to guide what difference you can offer to the users so that they would select your application over theirs. It will help you improve your objectives and goals for creating the application.

  • 3. Develop You Application’s Landing Page

Before you start to develop the entire application all at once, it is essential for you to create the mock-ups first to get a clear view of what you are about to create. After finalizing the mock-ups, start by designing the app’s landing page. It is the first thing that users notice when they open the application. Make sure to make it attractive.

  • 4. Select the Appropriate Platform to Create the App

There are online platforms and as well as many professional platforms, with the extensions to create the smartphone application. Secondly, choosing the platform also means that you have to decide whether you are planning to create the application for the iPhone users, Android users, or for both.

  • 5. Create and Test Your App’s Wireframes and Use Cases

Wireframing can be explained as a visual guide that is there to represent the application’s entire layout. Moreover, it also explains the flow between the screens without any distractions of the visual design and the graphic elements. Wireframing is usually determined by the use cases that tell the specific tasks the users can easily attain through your application.

It is important that you create them and test them appropriately before moving to the step where you have to launch the application.

  • 6. Launch Your Application

After testing your application’s wireframe, you are certainly ready to launch your application in the app store or Google play store, whichever is the right fit for your goal.

  • 7. Improve Your Application Based on User’s Feedback

Creating and launching the application does not define your success. You can cherish your success only when it gets popularity. This is only possible when the users will be satisfied with what they have been provided with. Chances are like wafer-thin ice when it comes to success in the first build. You have to often go through with the feedback of the users to bring improvement in your application. Once people start showing their satisfaction with your product, then your success will be truly defined.

To Wrap It Up

Creating a remarkable application might seem like a very difficult job. But, with the right tips in your hand, you can very easily achieve this task. Steps that are discussed above are very friendly to follow, and it is guaranteed that following them will lead to the launch of a successful application within no time.